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Xerox DCC400 Error Code 8-900

February 18, 2010

I was servicing a client’s Xerox DCC400 with an Error Code 8-900

What happens is It jams in the left hand door in the registration transport area before it gets to the 2nd BTR.

No crunching paper, it just stops.

After removing the paper the odd thing is that it then gives this message.

White bordered transparencies for color are loaded in tray 4 Remove transparencies from tray 4, load plain in the tray and press start to continue.

or Press C to cancel the copy job and select tray 5 When copying documents onto transparencies use borderless transparencies.

White bordered transparencies for color copying cannot be used.

Message ends.

Then there would be an error code 007-959 Now the thing is the machine only has plain paper in it.

The job has nothing to do with transparencies.

Very odd.

Any Ideas?

tech_c3 From posted:

the sensitivity of ohp sensor, near registration sensor, is to high, just block the ohp sensor with bit of paper for temporary solution.
replace ohp sensor if you have spare.

Re: Xerox DCC400 Error Code 8-900

Hey thanks Razaele,

I went out there again and ended up replacing the registration transport assembly before I read your post.

It worked out easier and cheaper to do it this way at the time.
I’ve still got the old unit so I’ll test your suggestion out.

Thanks again mate.

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