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Xerox DC12 Error Code 14-376

February 18, 2010

How to fix Xerox DC12 Error Code 14-376

Here is a reply I made in a Photocopier forum on how to solve this fault

and the response I received.

A lot of the Information I have points to Poor 5v DC on P/J 403, pin 2,  on the IOT CPU PWB or P/J 397 on the Halftone PWB Maybe some Deoxit on that connector will help.
It would be worth checking The ribbon cables that connect all these PWBs. Maybe the fault is in the wiring not the boards.

Also check to see if Fuse 4 on the power distribution PWB has blown. 

Hope this helps.
hi peter

Thanx, after following your cue I found the problem was with the ribbon cable connection between the IOT and halftone pwb
the cable had ripped off.


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  1. December 2, 2010 11:06 am

    I need spares & consumbales for xerox DC12 and Docucolor 240 (equavalent to apeosport), Pl give your Email, are u dealing with used copiers., 0094 755 633 040


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