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Xerox Document Centre C250/C360/450 Review

February 28, 2011

Xerox Document Centre C250/C360/450 Review.

The Xerox Document Centre C250 Colour Photocopier is part of the range known as the Kutani (Xerox’s nick name for it) which includes the Xerox Document Centre C250, C360 and C450. If you think of these machines like a car these mocel names could mean 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and the V8. The DCC 250 would be the 4 cylinder and does 21prints per minute in colour and 25 prints per minute in black and white.

For scanning it has good resolution at 1200 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch). They can be configured to include the features of copy, print, fax, scan and scan to email. Scans to email can be done as PDF files. Very handy indeed. The machine has 4 paper trays for A4 and A3 paper and a bypass tray for heavier paper. A DADF (Digital automatic document feeder) for scanning multiple page documents, single and double sided.

A great feature of the Xerox DCC 250 is the side output tray that can be configured to receive just faxes. This helps reduce confusion in the office when people go to get their jobs from the machine. You can also choose to include the finisher option. There are 2 main types of finisher and they are, The B finisher which handles stapling and stacking and the C finisher which handles stapling, stacking and hole punching plus, the C finisher can also be configure to include the booklet maker option that looks after folding and saddle stitching of the booklets.

In regard to your consumables, you have 4 toners per machine. CMYK, cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Some people get a bit confused as to what cyan and magenta are. Cyan is blue and magenta is pink. (Now you know). 4 drums, one for each colour allows for the speed at which this machine operates. Lastly you have the waste toner bottle which as the name suggests collects any waste toner form the machine. Xerox call these CRU’s. Customer Replacible Units.

For more detailed information and technical specifications on the Xerox Document Centre C250 watch this video Here’s The Original YouTube Link

Then visit this website


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December 16, 2010

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Xerox DCC 240/320/400/250/360/450 Error Code 10-398

December 16, 2010

The Xerox DCC 240/320/400/250/350/450 Error Code 10-398 is a very common wear and tear fault code. Try switching it off for a few seconds then switching it back on. This works for a while but the fault always comes back! Usually happening once in a while, becoming more and more frequent until the machine stops completely. It requires a technician to come out and replace a set of 3 fans in your machine. A very straight forward job for a qualified xerox technician that will take around an hour and a half to complete and test.

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Xerox Dc12 Fault 4 Color Dots On Prints

March 4, 2010

Xerox Dc12 Fault 4 Color Dots On Prints

This is a chat conversation on Facebook with Gustav Gonget about the cause of 4 Color Dots On Prints on the Xerox DC12.

Hi Peter, just wondering if you got my message yesterday regarding Xerox DC12?


Hi Gustav No where did you send it to

I sent it as a FB message


I’m in so many groups and get constant messages so now I don’t look at them if you wnat to send a message the best thing is to post it on my wall. I check it every day at least twice. any how whats up with your machine?

Just found your message ill read it now

Here’s the message Gus Sent:

Hi Peter, I’ve benefited from your DC12 help in the past on the forums, thanks so much.

Now I have an issue that is urgent to deal with that’s why I’m going through FB, I hope this is OK with you.

I’m getting CMYK dots, one after the other parallel to the direction of the paper movement. I’ve seen some call it the traffic-light effect and I’d ordered for repair kits for the developer housing gears & bearings but they haven’t arrived and I’ve a big critical job to do that does not need these spots (I do have a new drum).

Is there any other fix for this, even if it’s temporary, to avoid the dev housings from marking the drum (I’m assuming that’s what’s happening)? Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Gustav (GusG on the forums)

Back to the chat:

Basically getting “traffic-light” effect of cmyk dots from a defect on the drum due to probable wear of dev housings, I’ve ordered repair kits that haven’t yet come but was asking if there’s any sort of temporary fix for that?
OK, now you got it twice, sorry

I see you answering a lot of DC12 questions, are you also familiar with the DC2060?


I don’t think there’s much you can do with the dev housing because it’s usually the bearing that collapses and then the shaft wears out as well. Have you isolated the problem to a particular dev unit.

Not really but my tech suspects it’s the yellow


I’d check all of them to see if they are about to wear out too so you can prevent it happening again. If one is worn the others will likely follow

I know the 2060 but I’ve never worked on one

Thanks, I guess I’ll wait for the repair kits to arrive and suffer the dots in the meantime


Its probably all you can do

Thanks again for your time, have a great day, or evening as I guess it must be in Oz now


No worries mate.

Yeah it’s 10:53 pm


Do you mind if I post this conversation on my blog and in my copytechnet group.

That’s fine by me


Thanks mate. Talk soon

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Colour Copier Service YouTube Channel

February 22, 2010

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This is a short post to let you know that if you want to learn how to fix a whole range of faults and error codes on Xerox Color copiers then

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Xerox DCC400 Error Code 8-900

February 18, 2010

I was servicing a client’s Xerox DCC400 with an Error Code 8-900

What happens is It jams in the left hand door in the registration transport area before it gets to the 2nd BTR.

No crunching paper, it just stops.

After removing the paper the odd thing is that it then gives this message.

White bordered transparencies for color are loaded in tray 4 Remove transparencies from tray 4, load plain in the tray and press start to continue.

or Press C to cancel the copy job and select tray 5 When copying documents onto transparencies use borderless transparencies.

White bordered transparencies for color copying cannot be used.

Message ends.

Then there would be an error code 007-959 Now the thing is the machine only has plain paper in it.

The job has nothing to do with transparencies.

Very odd.

Any Ideas?

tech_c3 From posted:

the sensitivity of ohp sensor, near registration sensor, is to high, just block the ohp sensor with bit of paper for temporary solution.
replace ohp sensor if you have spare.

Re: Xerox DCC400 Error Code 8-900

Hey thanks Razaele,

I went out there again and ended up replacing the registration transport assembly before I read your post.

It worked out easier and cheaper to do it this way at the time.
I’ve still got the old unit so I’ll test your suggestion out.

Thanks again mate.

Xerox DC12 Error Code 14-376

February 18, 2010

How to fix Xerox DC12 Error Code 14-376

Here is a reply I made in a Photocopier forum on how to solve this fault

and the response I received.

A lot of the Information I have points to Poor 5v DC on P/J 403, pin 2,  on the IOT CPU PWB or P/J 397 on the Halftone PWB Maybe some Deoxit on that connector will help.
It would be worth checking The ribbon cables that connect all these PWBs. Maybe the fault is in the wiring not the boards.

Also check to see if Fuse 4 on the power distribution PWB has blown. 

Hope this helps.
hi peter

Thanx, after following your cue I found the problem was with the ribbon cable connection between the IOT and halftone pwb
the cable had ripped off.


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